Solving the Problem

Artists live in a different financial world than the guy who punches in from nine to five. Your income may fluctuate significantly. You may just be starting out or firmly established with a loyal following. Regardless of your circumstances, the artist or creative difference is too often ignored or pushed aside when it comes to financial planning.

Chapter Excerpts

Chapter 1: The Artist

“Over and over, I heard one thing from the artists I spoke with: it’s not about the money. Unlike other professions, I’ve discovered that money plays a significantly different role in the lives of artists as compared to other professions. Money was perhaps a measurement of their success, but it wasn’t the only one or even central to their pursuit of art.”

Chapter 2: You’re the Problem

“Over the course of my artist conversations, I heard a similar refrain to one I’ve heard from other clients: there’s always a reason why our “plans” related to money didn’t work out. I could list all the reasons, and you’d probably find one on the list that described your particular situation. But before you start self-diagnosing some outside source as the problem, let’s get one thing straight: you’re the problem.”

Chapter 3: Why You Need An Advisor

“As you’ll soon learn, a real advisor does more than help you with your investment portfolio. Your advisor will also stop you from making expensive and emotional decisions you’ll regret. Besides stopping this emotional train wreck, the right advisor will help you get your life in order. Then when change happens—and it will—you’ll understand what options are available to you.”

Chapter 4: What A Good Advisor Looks Like

“All too often, we let our fear of money and the unknowns surrounding it, keep us from taking much-needed action. Just because you don’t understand money 100 percent doesn’t mean you can ignore it. That’s the benefit of working with someone who does understand money: they can help you fill in the gaps. In the same way that you needed someone to explain the tools of your specialty, your advisor can explain the tools available to help you deal with your money fears.”

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